October Nightshade is a finnish band that was formed under the influeces of varius Doom Metal, Progessive Rock and Folk bands in winter 2005-2006 by O. Hytönen (Bass, Vocals) and S. Lahtinen (Guitars). This two man project lived mainly in the minds of those two while they were looking for available musicians.

In 2007 H. Niskanen joined in as a second guitarist and the drummer's seat was filled by N. Hämäläinen on 2008. Songs started to mold into their final form when real rehearsing was finally possible.

In the spring 2009 the band entered Noisecamp Studio to record first drum tracks and in the same year J. Laakko (Bass) joined in and O. Hytönen was able to concentrate only in vocals. During the recordings of the first Demo CD, I. Rahikainen joined in to play the keyboards and the songs were finally completed in 2010.

After the release of "Promo 2011" and a few gigs, J. L left his position as a bass player and O. Hytönen took his position alongside with the vocals. In year 2011 October Nightshade rehearsed and pre-recorded new material for upcoming "Siell' Itki Äiti Maa" and after the Studio session N. Hämäläinen left the band in order to concentrate in his other projects, also H. Niskanen informed that he will move out from Turku but still continued as a guitarist in the band.

At this point we are recording and composing new material and the songs from "Siell' Itki Äiti Maa" with kind help of new drummer who will be unveiled later.


O. Hytönen - Bass & Vocals / S. Lahtinen - Guitars / H. Niskanen - Guitars / I. Rahikainen - Synth
J. Raiski - Drums

Contact: octobernightshade@gmail.com